The Case for Taxable Retirement Investing: Part 1

Discussing the potential advantages of taxable retirement accounts for pre-retirees.

Advisor Atlas: Understanding Brexit

Discussing the causes and potential consequences of the UK’s "Leave" vote.

3 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor About ETFs

Advisors can help clients acquire basic knowledge of exchange traded funds (ETF's).

Trumponomics: Hope vs. Reality

Understanding potential market trends in early 2017 requires a look at the market’s recent optimism.

Alphabet Soup: Understanding SRI, ESG, and Sustainable Investing

A better understanding of sustainable investing can start with a definition of terms.

The 200-Year Forecast: A Brief History of Climate Change

Explore the history of climate change, along with potential economic opportunities in the years ahead.

Planning for the Future: Responsible ESG Retirement

Opportunities in ESG investing can help address retirement needs while supporting innovation and sustainability.

The Real Objective is Getting to the Goal

Advisors who make goals the focus of client interactions can help set the right direction.

Investing in Client Values

Interest in ESG investing exists among clients of varying wealth and age.

Total Cost of Ownership: Breaking Down Secondary Market Spread

Transaction costs for exchange traded funds include the spread. We look at how this figure is defined and calculated.

Advisor Atlas: Thinking About Tax Reform Under Trump

What shape might tax reform take under a GOP-controlled Congress and President Trump?

To Do What’s Right for the Client, Get to Know the Client

When managing risk, clear communication is essential.

Advisor Atlas: Republicans and Trump in the New Administration

Discussing the potential policies and politics of President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress.

Don't Confuse Low Cost with Good Value

Beyond affordability, some passive approaches to investing may result in lost opportunities.

Welcome to the White House: Unpacking Trumponomics

A look at the potential market effects of President Trump’s economic agenda

Resetting Asset Class Expectations

Consider the importance of diversifying beyond the 60/40 portfolio paradigm.

Old Strategies May Not Work in a New World

In a changing investment landscape, a focus on risk management could be more important than ever before.

Managing Taxable Mutual Fund Distributions

As tax-filing deadlines approach, here are some thoughts on how to potentially manage taxable short and long-term capital gains.

Advisor Atlas: The Road Ahead – Regulation, Technology, and Capital Markets

A look at industry trends that could affect financial advisory practices.

Balancing Act: The Role of Active, Passive, and Risk in Portfolios

Understanding the pros and cons of active and passive investment strategies.

Prepare to Manage Market and Emotional Volatility

Helping clients connect potentially higher volatility with their portfolios.

5 ETF Trends for 2017

A look at some potential developments to watch for in exchange-traded funds in the coming year.

Seven Strategies for 2017

Navigating markets with confidence in 2017 will require advisors to have a more complete plan.

After the Inauguration: Preparing Clients for Potential Tax Policy Changes

Strategies to consider for managing tax policy risk while saving for retirement.

Key Market Themes for 2017

A look at potential macroeconomic trends in the year ahead.

Understanding Premium/Discount: More than Meets the Eye

When considering ETFs, know how premium/discount is calculated – and look at other factors.

ESG Strategies Could Make Retirement More Personal

Aligning with workers’ personal values may help increase defined contribution plan participation.

The Outlook for Outlooks

Market predictions alone are useless – what matters is the rationale behind the argument.

Advisor Atlas: Navigating the Changing Regulatory Environment

As the financial services industry undergoes regulatory change, clear communication with clients is essential.

Another Brexit? Understanding the Italian Referendum Result

In one sense, Italy’s "No" vote was another victory for populism, but it wasn’t a major surprise.

A Look at How The Trump Administration May Affect Capital Markets

Markets have reacted to the election results – but politics isn’t the only factor that should be considered in evaluating capital markets.

Driven to Create a Smoother Ride: Active ETFs

Active ETF strategies have an increased ability to navigate potentially volatile markets.

Trends in Low Volatility Investing

Taking stock of equity trends that may help manage market volatility and emotions.

Reflections on the U.S. Presidential Election

Understanding the potential market effects of the GOP’s 2016 election sweep.

Actively Managed ETFs: The Evolution of Exchange Traded Funds

The landscape of ETFs has changed dramatically. Explore the innovative role actively managed ETFs now play.

Three Questions to Ask About Growing Your Advisory Practice

Understanding new regulatory requirements, managing return expectations, and communicating about price vs. value.

Central Banks and the Definition of Insanity

After eight years, monetary policies that once boosted market confidence may now be undermining it.

Keep Your Balance: Portfolio Rebalancing Amid Rate Uncertainty

Advisors can help their clients understand the potential effects of interest rate changes.

Two Strategies for Tax-Efficient Portfolio Transitions

Creating a roadmap for changing portfolio positions.

The World Isn't Flat: Investing in a Deglobalized World

How might an increase in restrictive trade measures effect FAs and their clients?

How Can Advisors Help Clients Manage Their Emotions?

SVP Al Barabro discusses what makes clients feel unprepared and what advisors can do to help them.

Helping Investors Prepare for Retirement

Engaging with clients to formulate a comprehensive retirement strategy.

Helping Millennials PAYE Down Student Debt

Student loan debt is preventing many from saving for retirement.

Don't Get Tripped up: Understanding Wash Sale Rules

Four scenarios to be mindful of when changing portfolio positions.

Why Do Investors Break up with Financial Advisors

Guidelines for maintaining a healthy FA-client relationship.

The Truth About Employee Engagement: An Interview With Allan Schweyer

Allan Schweyer is an analyst and speaker on the topic of talent management. He has authored and co-authored several books on the subject.

Initial Thoughts on Brexit and a Sustainable World

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Renewables Among Mega Trends Reshaping the World

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Negative Rates and the Central Bank Punch Bowl

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Tax Planning as a Catalyst to Deepen the Advisor - Client Relationship

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4 Tax Strategies for Retirement Distribution Planning

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China Syndrome: Healthy Correction or Bear Market?

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How to Talk to Clients About Alternatives

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Income vs. Outcome: Matching Retirement Funding with Retirement Expenses

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Building Teams the Right Way

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Two Key Elements of Successful Mentoring

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Implementing a Systematic Rebalancing Program Can Pay Dividends

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