Retirement was once a simple proposition: Individuals worked a lifetime and saved, employers provided a pension, and payroll taxes funded government benefits. But demographics and economics have rendered old models unsustainable. In response to surging populations, expanding lifespans, and shrinking government budgets, policy makers and employers continue to shift the responsibility of retirement funding to the individual.

In this, our fourth annual Global Retirement Index, we offer:
The countries at the top of our Index provide solid best practices for ensuring retirement security. We see four key trends that will help shape the future of retirement security globally:
With individuals assuming greater responsibility for their retirement funding, it will be up to policy makers, employers and the investment industry at large to manage these factors effectively, build innovative solutions, and ultimately earn the trust of individuals worldwide who need to be supported in their pursuit of a secure retirement.

Ed Farrington, Executive Vice President for Retirement at Natixis Global Asset Management, discusses the findings from the 2016 Global Retirement Index and how asset managers can work with policy makers, employers and individuals to help workers retire with dignity.

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2016 Global Retirement Index