Low Volatility and High Uncertainty: What to Make of It?

Understanding current market conditions and what might be expected in the near term.

Trumponomics: Hope vs. Reality

Understanding potential market trends in early 2017 requires a look at the market’s recent optimism.

Advisor Atlas: Thinking About Tax Reform Under Trump

What shape might tax reform take under a GOP-controlled Congress and President Trump?

Advisor Atlas: Republicans and Trump in the New Administration

Discussing the potential policies and politics of President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress.

Loomis Sayles Equity Market Review & Outlook (PDF)

Q4 2016

Loomis Sayles Bond Market Review & Outlook (PDF)

Q4 2016

Welcome to the White House: Unpacking Trumponomics

A look at the potential market effects of President Trump’s economic agenda

Vaughan Nelson Value Opportunity Fund Quarterly Commentary

Resetting Asset Class Expectations

Consider the importance of diversifying beyond the 60/40 portfolio paradigm.

Advisor Atlas: The Road Ahead – Regulation, Technology, and Capital Markets

A look at industry trends that could affect financial advisory practices.

Performance Evaluation: Understanding PE Ratios

Valuations may be better for managing longer-term expected returns than as a market timing tool.

Balancing Act: The Role of Active, Passive, and Risk in Portfolios

Understanding the pros and cons of active and passive investment strategies.

Prepare to Manage Market and Emotional Volatility

Helping clients connect potentially higher volatility with their portfolios.

5 ETF Trends for 2017

A look at some potential developments to watch for in exchange-traded funds in the coming year.

Seven Strategies for 2017

Navigating markets with confidence in 2017 will require advisors to have a more complete plan.

Key Market Themes for 2017

A look at potential macroeconomic trends in the year ahead.

The Outlook for Outlooks

Market predictions alone are useless – what matters is the rationale behind the argument.

Another Brexit? Understanding the Italian Referendum Result

In one sense, Italy’s "No" vote was another victory for populism, but it wasn’t a major surprise.

Reflections on the U.S. Presidential Election

Understanding the potential market effects of the GOP’s 2016 election sweep.

By Almost any Measure, U.S. Inflation has Begun to Rise

Inflation is a greater risk to high-quality bond allocations than economic growth (i.e. real rates).

Central Banks and the Definition of Insanity

After eight years, monetary policies that once boosted market confidence may now be undermining it.

Five Portfolio Dilemmas

Five portfolio dilemmas that can occur amid challenging market conditions...

Telemedia's New Reality Show: Cord-Cutting, Shaving and Cord-Nevers (PDF)

Senior Credit Research Analysts from Loomis, Sayles & Co. examine the new realities of the telemedia industry and a list of potential future disruptions.

Loomis, Sayles & Company Sector Teams' Outlook (PDF)

Changing global growth patterns, the global credit cycle, a U.S. profits recession, and low global inflation are key topics covered in Loomis sector teams’ 2016 outlooks.​

Negative Rates and the Central Bank Punch Bowl

Are you confused by all the central bank talk today? You are not alone. Terms like “quantitative easing” and “negative interest rates” do not come...

China Syndrome: Healthy Correction or Bear Market?

It is often said that when China sneezes, Asia catches the flu. As China’s economic might has grown over the last decade, we’ve come to learn that the...