Facing Volatility and Embracing Risk: Institutional Investor Survey

Institutional investors see geopolitical upheaval continuing through 2017 and are adjusting allocations as a result.

The Real Objective is Getting to the Goal

Advisors who make goals the focus of client interactions can help set the right direction.

Investing in Client Values

Interest in ESG investing exists among clients of varying wealth and age.

To Do What’s Right for the Client, Get to Know the Client

When managing risk, clear communication is essential.

Don't Confuse Low Cost with Good Value

Beyond affordability, some passive approaches to investing may result in lost opportunities.

Resetting Asset Class Expectations

Consider the importance of diversifying beyond the 60/40 portfolio paradigm.

Old Strategies May Not Work in a New World

In a changing investment landscape, a focus on risk management could be more important than ever before.

Balancing Act: The Role of Active, Passive, and Risk in Portfolios

Understanding the pros and cons of active and passive investment strategies.

2016 Defined Contribution Plan Survey Results Video

Learn about the knowledge, guidance, and focus required for plan participants to meet today’s retirement challenge.

Institutional Investor Outlook for 2017

Expert opinions on political and economic populism, diverging monetary policies, and market volatility in the year ahead.

Defined Contribution Survey – Attitudes, Actions, Assessments

As investors save for retirement, why advisors, employers, and policy makers should stand ready to help.

Three Questions to Ask About Growing Your Advisory Practice

Understanding new regulatory requirements, managing return expectations, and communicating about price vs. value.

A New Business Reality: 2016 Financial Advisor Survey

Advisors are juggling heightened regulations, unpredictable client behavior, and shifting investment considerations.

Helping Millennials PAYE Down Student Debt

Student loan debt is preventing many from saving for retirement.

Why Do Investors Break up with Financial Advisors

Guidelines for maintaining a healthy FA-client relationship.

Three Myths About Indexing

Chief Market Strategiest David Lafferty looks the potential benefits and drawbacks of passive strategies

Building Teams the Right Way

With the average age of financial advisors now well over 50, the financial advisory industry needs young professionals. Thankfully, many...

Two Key Elements of Successful Mentoring

Access to experience and knowledge through mentoring can increases the likelihood that new financial advisors will succeed. Nevertheless, some...