Raise the ETF Tax Efficiency Bar

Index-based managed accounts can provide the potential for active, individualized tax management.

Leverage Tax Efficiency With an Innovative, Individualized, Indexing Approach

Index-based separate accounts can provide clients customization and tax control.

Advisor Atlas: Thinking About Tax Reform Under Trump

What shape might tax reform take under a GOP-controlled Congress and President Trump?

Understanding Unified Managed Accounts - Part 1 Introducing UMAs

Curt Overway discusses the fundamentals of Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) and provides an overview of the benefits they can provide to advisors and clients.

Managing Taxable Mutual Fund Distributions

As tax-filing deadlines approach, here are some thoughts on how to potentially manage taxable short and long-term capital gains.

For Taxable Accounts, What Matters Most is After-Tax Return.

Discover the difference that active tax management can make in taxable investment accounts.

After the Inauguration: Preparing Clients for Potential Tax Policy Changes

Strategies to consider for managing tax policy risk while saving for retirement.

How Much Can You Expect from Loss Harvesting?

Learn about loss harvesting in index-based separate accounts.

Managing Tax Costs with Index-Based Separate Accounts

Watch this overview of Natixis tax management solutions utilizing customized separate accounts to help maximize after tax returns.

Choosing the Right Structure for Your Index Investment Needs

Compare exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index-based separately managed accounts (SMAs).

Selling Losers May Help You Come Out Ahead

Explore the potential benefits of tax loss harvesting.

Taking Control of Your Hard-Earned Money

Active Index AdvisorsSM Chief Investment Officer Kevin Maeda discusses the combined effects of market timing and taxation.

Risk-Managed Equity Strategy

Portfolio manager Michael Buckius discusses how the fund’s low-volatility equity approach may be an effective way to manage risk in turbulent markets by reducing the impact of severe market swings on fund returns.

Harvesting Tax Losses Year Round

For tax season, we’re reprising a collection of articles on the subject of tax management. The following is the last in a series of five articles.

Tax Planning as a Catalyst to Deepen the Advisor - Client Relationship

For tax season, we’re reprising a collection of articles on the subject of tax management. The following is the first in a series of five articles. In...

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As clients move from the accumulation to the distribution phase of retirement planning, an effective tax strategy can minimize taxes and maximize...

Taxes in Retirement: How Investors Can Prepare

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