Total Cost of Ownership: Breaking Down Secondary Market Spread

Transaction costs for exchange traded funds include the spread. We look at how this figure is defined and calculated.

Advisor Atlas: Republicans and Trump in the New Administration

Discussing the potential policies and politics of President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress.

Loomis Sayles Equity Market Review & Outlook (PDF)

Q4 2016

Don't Confuse Low Cost with Good Value

Beyond affordability, some passive approaches to investing may result in lost opportunities.

Performance Evaluation: Understanding PE Ratios

Valuations may be better for managing longer-term expected returns than as a market timing tool.

After the Inauguration: Preparing Clients for Potential Tax Policy Changes

Strategies to consider for managing tax policy risk while saving for retirement.

Key Market Themes for 2017

A look at potential macroeconomic trends in the year ahead.

Understanding Premium/Discount: More than Meets the Eye

When considering ETFs, know how premium/discount is calculated – and look at other factors.

A Look at How The Trump Administration May Affect Capital Markets

Markets have reacted to the election results – but politics isn’t the only factor that should be considered in evaluating capital markets.

The Year Ahead: Hitting the Reset Button on the Stock Market

Thinking about potential market movements in the year ahead

Keep Your Balance: Portfolio Rebalancing Amid Rate Uncertainty

Advisors can help their clients understand the potential effects of interest rate changes.

Don't Get Tripped up: Understanding Wash Sale Rules

Four scenarios to be mindful of when changing portfolio positions.

Five Portfolio Dilemmas

Five portfolio dilemmas that can occur amid challenging market conditions...

Three Myths About Indexing

Chief Market Strategiest David Lafferty looks the potential benefits and drawbacks of passive strategies

Risk-Managed Equity Strategy

Portfolio manager Michael Buckius discusses how the fund’s low-volatility equity approach may be an effective way to manage risk in turbulent markets by reducing the impact of severe market swings on fund returns.

Pinpointing Opportunity Across Equities

Co-managers Scott Weber and Rhett Carter explain their valuation discipline, loss avoidance philosophy, high concentration approach and why trading time for value makes sense.

Why Market Volatility Could Be Here to Stay

Market gyrations over the past year may feel extreme to some, but history suggests investors need to get used to it. Stock market volatility levels...

Loomis, Sayles & Company Sector Teams' Outlook (PDF)

Changing global growth patterns, the global credit cycle, a U.S. profits recession, and low global inflation are key topics covered in Loomis sector teams’ 2016 outlooks.​