Low Volatility and High Uncertainty: What to Make of It?

Understanding current market conditions and what might be expected in the near term.

U.S. Asset Allocation Trends – Winter 2017

Moderate model portfolio performance in 2016 was a tale of two halves.

Advisor Atlas: Understanding Brexit

Discussing the causes and potential consequences of the UK’s "Leave" vote.

3 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor About ETFs

Advisors can help clients acquire basic knowledge of exchange traded funds (ETF's).

Trumponomics: Hope vs. Reality

Understanding potential market trends in early 2017 requires a look at the market’s recent optimism.

To Do What’s Right for the Client, Get to Know the Client

When managing risk, clear communication is essential.

Animal Spirits and the Feel-Good Factor with David Herro

David Herro of Harris Associates discusses some of the positive trends developing across global economies.

Don't Confuse Low Cost with Good Value

Beyond affordability, some passive approaches to investing may result in lost opportunities.

Active Managers and Mr. Market with David Herro

David Herro of Harris Associates makes the case for focusing on fundamentals, regardless of the market environment.

Resetting Asset Class Expectations

Consider the importance of diversifying beyond the 60/40 portfolio paradigm.

Old Strategies May Not Work in a New World

In a changing investment landscape, a focus on risk management could be more important than ever before.

Prepare to Manage Market and Emotional Volatility

Helping clients connect potentially higher volatility with their portfolios.

U.S. Asset Allocation Trends - Autumn 2016

Volatility remained top of mind for advisors, driving allocations to strategic beta funds.

Driven to Create a Smoother Ride: Active ETFs

Active ETF strategies have an increased ability to navigate potentially volatile markets.

Trends in Low Volatility Investing

Taking stock of equity trends that may help manage market volatility and emotions.

Risk-Managed Equity Strategy

Portfolio manager Michael Buckius discusses how the fund’s low-volatility equity approach may be an effective way to manage risk in turbulent markets by reducing the impact of severe market swings on fund returns.

Pinpointing Opportunity Across Equities

Co-managers Scott Weber and Rhett Carter explain their valuation discipline, loss avoidance philosophy, high concentration approach and why trading time for value makes sense.

Why Market Volatility Could Be Here to Stay

Market gyrations over the past year may feel extreme to some, but history suggests investors need to get used to it. Stock market volatility levels...

The All-Weather Investor: Informed, Prepared, Focused

Natixis Global Asset Management believes in a consultative approach to portfolio construction and asset allocation. To that end, we work hard to...

Negative Rates and the Central Bank Punch Bowl

Are you confused by all the central bank talk today? You are not alone. Terms like “quantitative easing” and “negative interest rates” do not come...