Energy Surge Seen in Green Bonds Market

Why more corporations and governments are going green, areas of expansion, and what exactly makes a green bond green.

Loomis Sayles Equity Market Review & Outlook (PDF)

Q4 2016

Loomis Sayles Bond Market Review & Outlook (PDF)

Q4 2016

New Dynamics: Assessing the Impact of Deglobalization

How might advisors and their clients adjust to an increasingly deglobalized world?

State of the Global Economy

Experts examine growth accelerators and deflators for the global economy, plus market and portfolio implications in 2017.

  • Economy

Market Outlook 2017: Top 3 Things on Managers' Minds (Part 2)

Managers mindful of volatility, unprecedented uncertainty in the U.S., China trade, and the euro zone for the new year.

  • Outlook

Market Outlook 2017: Top 3 Things on Managers' Minds (Part 1)

Trump agenda, populism in Europe, infrastructure spending and green bonds. What's it mean for markets in 2017?

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The Year Ahead: Hitting the Reset Button on the Stock Market

Thinking about potential market movements in the year ahead

The World According to Trump

Think twice about the initial market reactions to the new President-elect.

The Dominoes Keep Falling

Italy's "No" vote isn't another Brexit, but it's one more variable for investors to factor in.

A Trump White House: Potential Market Impacts of the US Election (PDF)

What might Trump's policy proposals mean for markets and key components of the US economy going forward? The questions outnumber the answers at present. Loomis Sayles Macro Strategies take a look at the impacts of the US Election.

President Trump (POTUS) and the World Economy

World economic scenarios could alter drastically under a Trump presidency, according to Chief Economist Philippe Waechter.

By Almost any Measure, U.S. Inflation has Begun to Rise

Inflation is a greater risk to high-quality bond allocations than economic growth (i.e. real rates).

Demystifying Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)

Learn more about the role of Treasury inflation-protected securities in a fixed-income portfolio.

Back to the Future: Revisiting the Scourge of Secular Stagnation

Multi-faceted analysis of the muted global economic growth since the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

  • Investment Professional Content

A Prescription for Yield-Starved Investors

A solution for income-seeking investors who want a new approach in today’s low-yield environment.

Technology: Innovation, Disruption, Revolution

How advancements in information technology are disrupting societies, sectors, and the global economy.

  • Innovation

Unlocking the Credit Cycle (PDF)

Loomis, Sayles & Company’s Senior Macro Strategist Tom Fahey explains the four phases of the global credit cycle his team follows and then looks at where key sectors of the economy are today in that cycle.

Telemedia's New Reality Show: Cord-Cutting, Shaving and Cord-Nevers (PDF)

Senior Credit Research Analysts from Loomis, Sayles & Co. examine the new realities of the telemedia industry and a list of potential future disruptions.

Loomis, Sayles & Company Sector Teams' Outlook (PDF)

Changing global growth patterns, the global credit cycle, a U.S. profits recession, and low global inflation are key topics covered in Loomis sector teams’ 2016 outlooks.​

Climate Changing for Sustainable Investing

Investing for the greater good of the world, and portfolios, is making ESG investments more desirable.

  • Sustainable Investing