Market Outlook 2017: Geopolitics Here to Stay

From European elections to Brexit implementation, a discussion of geopolitical considerations that may impact the markets in 2017.

Animal Spirits and the Feel-Good Factor with David Herro

David Herro of Harris Associates discusses some of the positive trends developing across global economies.

Active Managers and Mr. Market with David Herro

David Herro of Harris Associates makes the case for focusing on fundamentals, regardless of the market environment.

Understanding Unified Managed Accounts - Part 1 Introducing UMAs

Curt Overway discusses the fundamentals of Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) and provides an overview of the benefits they can provide to advisors and clients.

Market Outlook 2017: Finding Value

Thoughts on valuations in fixed-income, real estate, and stocks are discussed.

Market Outlook 2017: Global Trade Confusion

The ramifications of tariffs and trade wars for the global economy are discussed.

Market Outlook 2017: How the Markets Voted

Panelists discuss the market responses to Donald Trump’s election victory.

Managing Tax Costs with Index-Based Separate Accounts

Watch this overview of Natixis tax management solutions utilizing customized separate accounts to help maximize after tax returns.

Market Outlook 2017: Assessing the Unknowns

From Q1 volatility to the election, 2016 was a year of surprises. Panelists discuss what lies ahead.

Addressing Retirement Challenges

Watch this brief introduction to Natixis retirement strategies and solutions designed to address the challenges financial advisors and their clients encounter on both sides of the retirement equation.

Natixis Advisor Academy Overview

“Advisor Academy’s value proposition is real simple. We want to help advisors have a more durable business.” – Ted Leclair, Director, Natixis Advisor Academy

The Advisor Experience

Hear our clients share details about their Natixis Portfolio Clarity® experience and learn about our Comprehensive Portfolio Evaluation.